Committee Meetings will be held on the afternoons of April 27 & 28.  See below for the schedule of committee meetings scheduled.

Thursday, April 27

A Crash Course in 21st Century Truck Inspections and Data Acquisition

A three-part course consisting of two classroom sessions and a hands-on interactive tutorial on the working systems of a tractor trailer.

Learners will begin in the classroom where they will gain critical information on applicable vehicle regulations. Topics will include levels and types of CVSA inspections and how those complement and differ from a forensic investigation.  Following the groundwork, participants will travel outside to participate in a round robin hands on inspection of a tractor trailer and discussion on the following:

  1. Overview of main trucking components
  2. Data Labels
  3. Engine
  4. Transmission and Driveline
  5. Steering System
  6. Coupling Devices
  7. Tires
  8. Braking Systems
  9. Lighting and Conspicuity

Following the hands-on component, learners will return to the classroom where information on data acquisition, often acquired during the inspection, will be highlighted.   Interpretation of data, demonstratives, and case studies on how this information can be utilized in litigated matters will be topics of discussion.

Mike Arnett, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer, SEA, Ltd., Rolling Meadows, Illinois, United States
Stephen Panoff, P.E., Mechanical Engineer, SEA, Ltd., Denver, Colorado, United States
Nathan Lombardo, P.E., Forensic Engineer, SEA, Ltd.

Agenda-CCC Roundtable 4.27.2023

We want feedback on the One Piece of Advice webinars, a description of ways members can get more involved in TLA, discussion on multiple topics relevant to in-house counsel. We will reserve time for questions/answers generally.

The Commercial and Business Litigation Committee will be presenting 2 speakers at its break-out meeting at the annual meeting in San Diego this year.  The speakers will be Eric Zalud of Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff, LLP, and Rick A. Steinberg of Price, Meese, Shulman & Arminio, PC.

Eric Zalud will discuss a recent smorgasbord of commercial litigation cases that deal with several very current and pertinent issues, including using recent potent authority on personal jurisdiction as a defense weapon in commercial litigation, manifestations of the accord and satisfaction defense in cases involving “full payment” notation on checks between commercial entities, and the developing commercial case law on equitable burden allocation in situations where fraudster/identify theft victimizes both buyer and seller.

Rick Steinberg will explore bankruptcy law and practical application in frequently occurring scenarios for in-house counsel and counsel on behalf of transportation-related entities.  The session will review core nuts and bolts bankruptcy concepts, as well as provide insight into bankruptcy issues common to the transportation industry.

Hot Topics in Canadian Transportation Law


  1.  Supply Chain issues :
    Detention and demurrage across Canada (emphasis on marine)  Andrea Fernandes, Gardiner Roberts LLP
  2. Truck and bus:
    Electronic logging devices in commercial motor vehicles Jaclyne Reive, Miller Thomson LLP
  3. Rail Update from Quebec:
    Review of recent rail case law from Quebec, including the CP decision re Megantic  Pascale De Meyer, Stein Monast
  4. Bus:
    Deregulation in Ontario and update on the situation in Canada Louis Amato-Gauci, Miller Thomson LLP
    Obligatory electrification of school bus in Quebec Pierre-Olivier Dumas, Stein Monast
  5. COVID:
    COVID as an act of God in transportation contract Roger Watts, Lindsay LLP
  6. Transportation-related employment issues:
    Driver Inc. – ESDC and CRA crackdown Carole McAfee Wallace, Gardiner Roberts LLP
    10 paid sick days under the Canada Labour Code Carole McAfee Wallace, Gardiner Roberts LLP

Avengers Assemble! (but carefully): Reconciling carrier obligations and the acts of the shipper requirements when cargo does not arrive in “Mint Condition”

Conflicts between the load securement and load inspection obligations of the carrier versus the acts and requirement of  the shipper.


Andrew J. Steif, Shareholder, Gunster, Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Jean-Francois Bilodeau, Legal Counsel, BLG, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Friday, April 28

Emerging Technologies & Transportation Law: Biometrics & AI

Biometrics is increasingly being promoted as a cutting edge solution to pressing and complex security problems confronting the transportation industry, including theft, tampering, hijacking or contamination of critical cargo, human trafficking, smuggling, stolen identity, and access to security-sensitive IT systems and infrastructure at airports, ports and logistics facilities. Biometrics promises to help shippers, carriers and logistics service providers reduce processing time and resources spent on identity verification, and minimize the risk of human error. But it also presents some challenging privacy and data security concerns.  This presentation will outline what transportation lawyers need to know in order to advise their clients on these thorny issues, especially in light of the strict rules that are now in effect in many jurisdictions regarding consent and the collection and storage of personal information.

At the same time, ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are emerging as time-saving tools in various areas of human life, including education, business, and – yes – even the practice of law. As with biometrics, the use of AI in the practice of law poses its own privacy and data security concerns. This portion of the presentation will focus on how AI can aid in the practice of law, generally, as well as identifying potential risks that lawyers should be cognizant of while interacting with such technologies.


Kevin Brejcha, Esq., Associate, Blitch Westley Barrette, Oak Brook, Illinois, United States
Ryan Mahoney, Esq., Blitch Westley Barrette, Oak Brook, Illinois, United States
Jaclyne Reive, Partner, Miller Thomson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Committees will finalize a CLE panel our two committees will present at the 2023 TLI on two closely related topics: (1) broker/forwarder financial-responsibility regulation and (2) supply-chain fraud reduction strategies.  

International Trade & Transportation Committee will present “Significant changes in laws, regulations, policies, or procedures in International trade and transportation”

Bankruptcy & Creditors Rights Committee will present “Cross-Border Insolvency as it Relates to International Trade and Transportation: Chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Transportation Career Development Insights and Networking Opportunity

Hear from more experienced transportation attorneys about developing your legal career and network with fellow members of the New and Young Lawyers Committee.